우리만 (wooriman) literally translates to “us only”.

After 3 celebrating weddings in 3 countries and making a huge decision to go full-time into a small creative business I started with my husband (I only married 1 man/boy), I’m still adjusting to being married and working from our soho. Despite facing possible financial instabilities and creating greater chances of me turning into a cave-woman-sloth-vampire-recluse, I am one step closer to my dream job as a DIWife (Do-It-Yourself Wife just in case you did not get it).

As I start to question my purpose in life more frequently than before; having to constantly keep in check that I am rooted to my cause of pursuing what I find meaningful and important in this one life, I decided that I would like to document my journey as a stay-home-creative-seeking-adventure-finding-drama-loving individual. I do miss the era of blogging, and my fingers itch to keep a journal through pixels. After much encouragement (from Mr J.) and changes with keeping this worspress along the way, I’ve decided to keep my doodling dreams alive. I’ve always liked drawing, but feel like I’m really bad at it. But regardless, what’s the purposes of having a dream without a go at it.

우리만 is not an intention to exclude; rather it’s an intention to share, this new journey as a series of what’s to come. It’s the embarkment of more adventures to capture; more places to travel; more dramas/variety shows to watch, laugh, giggle, weep about; more music to listen to on replay; more finds to add to my home & wardrobe. Wooriman will be housing a lot of random doodles/pictures regarding our daily lives (or things playing out in my head). You’re welcome to join me in my pursuit of these things; together – “우리” (woori).

Love, A.


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